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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Practicing Prevention

Being proactive with your health and well-being is the best way to live a long, productive life. Practicing prevention is paramount. There are many ways you can support your body’s long term health, and an excellent first step is knowledge of the “current state of affairs” regarding your body’s functioning.

Most diseases, conditions, and syndromes do not appear overnight. In most cases, asymptomatic problems gradually develop over the years becoming what we think of as “normal aging”, or worse, a chronic or even life threatening disease.

Current research has shown that inflammation is the foundation of most modern diseases. Tests like MRI, X-ray, mammogram, and ultrasound are all tests of structure and are not capable of imaging inflammation so that it can be addressed early.

What if you had a tool to assist you in your practice of prevention? What if you had a way to “see” the inflammation going on in your body that would allow you to make changes and possibly alter the outcome? Well now you do! The only screening tool capable of making inflammation and the associated heat patterns visible is digital thermography. It is a completely non-invasive, painless imaging technology that screens for abnormal blood flow and inflammatory indicators. Thermography images the invisible infrared heat your body naturally emits. The images created by thermography can indicate areas of inflammation which may be the precursors to a variety of abnormalities, conditions, syndromes and even some diseases.

Armed with this information, you and your health care provider can formulate a plan to support the proper functioning of your body for a long, healthy life.